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Criminal Background Searches

When you are in the process of hiring someone, you want to make sure you don't make a mistake and hire the wrong person.

Many employers are using a background screening report to help them screen out bad employees before they hire them.

Personal information and passport An employer can quickly get a background report on anyone they are considering hiring. These reports can be very helpful.

Is a Pre-Employment Check the Same As Other Background Checks?
Pre-employment screenings run for the purpose of identity verification needs to follow certain guidelines that typical searchers do not need to adhere to.

These guidelines have a few different specifics, but the main one is that the person being checked up on needs to agree to the screening ahead of time.

I'm an Employer. Can I Do the Search Myself?
Since an employer or landlord needs to follow federal guidelines, they should not run a background check themselves, they should instead coordinate this screening through a commercial service that knows how to do it without violating any laws.

You don't have to look too hard to find a business that does these searches. Some popular companies include US Search (learn more), BeenVerified (learn more), eVerify (learn more), Inteligator and some other options.

The actual amount of detail you will get from your report will vary. Sometimes you will get a lot; other times, not so much.

Most reports will let you know about any really bad history records, but not every report comes back with much detail.

The level of detail you get in your report will differ based on the person you are investigating.

Regardless of which service you use, your report should come back with some details including a person's addresses, any record of criminal activity, legal and court records, divorce and marriage info, and maybe some credit history, if you are a business.

These types of searches are easy to get started. You just need to visit the website of one of these companies and sign up.

These services don't charge too much. Each background check doesn't cost these companies very much to do. They are hoping to get clients that will end up being return customers who will use their services repeatedly as the years go on.