Get Access to the Public Records You Need

Criminal Background Screening Info

Is there someone in your life you want to know a little bit more about?

While most people are trustworthy and nice, not everyone is completely transparent about their history.

Passport and personal details There is a small list of services that are available to help you out. These companies provide short, fast public records reports on individuals.

These types of background report companies are not free, but their fees are generally pretty low.

A few of the most popular companies include Intelius (learn more), Inteligator (learn more), NetDetective (learn more), U.S. Search and eVerify (learn more). Each of these companies is available at any time.

Wondering What These Reports Will Contain?
Reports will vary from provider to provider, but most will have info about someone's past living addresses; marriage and divorce notes; legal and court decisions; criminal records; and any other information that may have made it into a public record.

Employers and landlords can order more advanced reports that will include information about a person's credit history.

No matter which company you pick, the response time on these reports is fast. In most cases, you can have your report in well under one day.

Who Can I Check On?
Some of the most popular searches involve girlfriends and boyfriends; new business associates; long-term babysitters and nannies; friends of children; and home service providers. People who have ordered searches in the past tend to concentrate in areas such as their new potential boyfriend or girlfriend, someone they are considering going into business with, potential nannies, acquaintances of friends and small business providers.

Don't be worried about who are thinking about checking up on. As long as you aren't violating any of the employer or landlord restrictions, you won't have any problem.

You may learn something really important by conducting one of these investigations. But not all reports will have good information in them.

There are plenty of other people doing these types of reports every day. If you are considering running one, you don't have to put it off any longer.