Get Access to the Public Records You Need

Public Record Info

If you know where to look, there is a whole lot of public data available on just about anyone.

It's hard to get access to these databases though, unless you are a commercial background research company.

Personal details and a passport Professional search firms have both the access to these records and know how to get them quickly and easily.

How to Get Access to These Public Records
You can gain access to these records by using a professional records database search company.

This screening service will complete all of the work for you. You simply give them the name and any other details you know about the person you are checking up on.

Each of these companies has the expertise and the experience to go through numerous private and public databases and find the data you are looking for.

What is the Cost of Using One of These Companies?
Since these companies can run each search very inexpensively, they tend to not charge very much for each search.

These companies offer different levels of service, so you can choose from a simple records search to a more elaborate and in-depth investigation.

In many instances, a basic search can give you the main information you are looking for, such as whether or not they have a serious criminal record.

However, if the results of this investigation are really important, you may be better off by selecting a more in-depth screening option. Of course, it will cost more too.

You have several companies to choose from. Some of the better-known services in this field include Inteligator (learn more), eVerify, Intelius (learn more), US Search (learn more) and a few others.

Will I Always Get Good Results?
These searches don't always return a lot of information. And sometimes the information is wrong.

The only way you'll know for sure is to try it.